HI! I have a new release for y’all!  So this time around I have made a cute, but totes creepy coffin backpack! You can carry all kinds of weapons schoolbooks and stuff. All 6 colors are in a pack, and are materials enabled.

Also, it’s that time of the month. No, not that time, the other time….GROUP GIFT TIME!!    

The Horror!~ September Group Gift

I hope you like!


There’s a new bot running around in SL this weekend, maybe to take advantage of the long weekend. Be vigilant and don’t accept giftcard/discount cards from ‘giftbot’ residents. There are a few of them. Estate ban them if you can. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT ALLOW DEBIT PERMISSION to anything you don’t know about. The script cannot work without your permission, even if you accidentally rezzed or attached it.

Stay safe!

Release by hitsu Ruby on Flickr.

From HY’s, one of my favourite housebuilder. She is currently retired from selling her builds and only building and selling for recreation.

This house is only available for sale til 31st Oct. 300L$. You can see the demo here.



Out now for FLF